Is Broken Butterflies a treatment facility?

(Yes, we are here to treat substance abuse, former prisoner and women and children)

Does your facility provide counseling?

(Yes, we provide counseling and therapy for all residents)

What kind of recovery support services are available?

(We have 12 Step program, AA, CA, NA, 28 days In-patient, Out-Patient counseling, Long Term Treatment, and MAT program, Case Management, Food Banks, Community Out Reach Services)

Will I be drug tested?

(Yes, all residents will be randomly drug screen)

How much is a room?

($200.00 deposit upon intake nonrefundable and $135.00 a week)

What form of payment does Broken Butterflies accept?

(Cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Cashier’s check, PAY PAL, and Money Order. No personal Checks accepted)

How long can I stay?

(6 months to a year)

Can I smoke cigarettes in the facility?

(No, outside smoking area only)

What rules do I have to follow?

(Curfew, random drug screenings, no drugs on property, no overnight stays, follow house rules, chores will be assigned, must attend meetings or church)

Can I have visitors?

(Yes, with approval but we do have a 21 days black out)

Are cell phones allowed?

(Yes, after the 21 day black out)

Do I have to work while I’m enrolled in the program?

(Yes, employment is required)

Does Broken Butterflies provide Wi-Fi and cable?

(Yes, that comes with our program)

Does your facility provide meals for residents?

(Yes, if needed upon admission)

Is there a bus route nearby?

(Yes, we have bus route nearby and we provide bus passes to indigent individuals)